About the Game

Orbit’s Odyssey re-imagines puzzles through space time oddities. It's your unrivalled source of entertainment, perfecting the blend of art and gameplay. The game is designed to visually delight while testing your cleverness. It also aims to give both sides of your brain, and your playing finger, a great workout.

Game Goals

  • Lead the cookie to win in this deceptively simple strategy game.
  • Avoid the menacing army of attacking, replicating monsters.
  • Tap, roll & release to collect dough + gems in every level.
  • Earn stars for your efforts.
  • Have heaps of fun traversing through stunningly gorgeous new worlds.

Game Features

  • Free to play game
  • 90 ah-may-zing levels
  • Compelling characters of cookie and monsters
  • Eye popping artwork and graphics
  • Gold coins and Gem to be picked up every level
  • Coins, gems and completing the level quickly generates stars
  • 3 stars could be earned every level (2 stars for picking up all dough and gem)
  • Bonus third star if dough and gem collected within a set time limit
  • Skip levels, stars to unlock levels, could be bought from $0.99c to $3.99
  • 6 varied worlds and themes
  • Challenging Dual planet levels
  • No swipe – Many gameplay variations with just one finger press

Gameplay Basics + Tips

  • One finger controls. No swipe
  • One handed game
  • Many variations with a simple touch
  • Press and hold and release at the right moment to get the precise control over the cookie’s character
  • Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to master cookie’s movement, evade monsters and reach your objectives sooner
  • It’s like having the cookie on a string once you figure out the game mechanics/physics
  • Rings help you teleport to the other side of the planet. Use them strategically to reach the objective. One wrong move and you could get burned by the monsters
  • Teleports happen only when you roll through the ring. Do nothing and you roll back through the ring without teleporting. This is a key feature that’ll help you tactically maneuver  the cookie to his sweet spot on the planet

How to Play – A Step by Step Guide

  • Watch Tutorial
  • Press Play and Goto Level 1
  • Tap to roll around the planet (Cookie squats down). Some coins can be collected while rolling
  • Release (Cookie stands upright) and roll back to collect coins placed at a higher level along the way
  • Transport the cookie across planet portal rings to appear on the other side
  • Teleport – Roll down the right side of the ring to appear on the left side, and vice versa
  • Trick the replicating monsters by teleporting each time
  • Grab the purple gem after collecting all dough
  • Move to next level or Retry
  • Collect 3 stars – 1 for completion, 1 for collecting all dough, 1 for beating a certain time limit for each level
  • Power up by buying many stars

Scoring Basics + Tips

  • There are three objectives to achieve in each level. You get rewarded a star for each
    • 1st Objective – Complete the Level – 1 star x 10 earned
    • 2nd Objective – Collect all Coins – 1 star x 30 earned
    • 3rd Objective – Beat a time (Displayed on the end of the screen) for each level – 1 star x 60 earned
  • Clear the three objectives on each level and you’ll cruise through 90 levels. Or pace yourself by one/two objective in each level, then go back to earn the final objective, once you are comfortable playing the game
  • You get points for the number of coins you collect on each level. This is what you fight for on the Leaderboard
  • The first 6 levels have no barriers. After Level 6 – you need to earn a requisite amount of strs to progress through to the next level
  • To earn 20 points for free – Click the video button at the end of the screen, or watch the rewarded video ad when it plays every 15th attempt






Why is This Game Different?

The deceptively simple mechanics of the game makes it different from any other game out there. Once you take on the challenge of sussing out the gameplay, it gets very rewarding to progress through the levels. A unique gameplay coupled with spectacular graphics makes this game stand out from the run of the mill jumping mechanics prevalent on other games today.

The game can be enjoyed slowly or fast paced, depending on the tactic you choose. The game doesn’t overwhelm you as each level is short and you get to decide how to pace yourself. You also get to see the whole stage so you can choose the tactic appropriate to the situation you find yourself in!

Planetary and ‘Orb like’ games are popular but none can do what Orbit’s Odyssey can do for you. It makes you think, triggers off excitement and a good rush, while you persevere and feel rewarded to discover Orbit on the 90th level.


Benefits of Playing Orbit’s Odyssey

It ups your:

– Gaming skills

– Strategy skills

– Logic

– Creativity

– Will

Plus its a whole lot of fun for everyone!

Make Orbit’s Odyssey Awesomer!

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